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Escapetrix – Paarl, South Africa

Trapped in a mysterious room for 60 minutes, can you escape in time? Just a short drive from Cape Town, you’ve got to try this new fun team building activity – Live Escape Room Games

We offer interactive escape rooms  one of the very first in South Africa, since January 2016. Our game rooms are filled with clever challenges to give your inner Sherlock a run for its money, before you escape!.  Keen observation skills, logic and teamwork will be the key to unlock the magic and mystery that awaits you at Escapetrix.


Our Rooms

live escape games - the pshycologist

The Psychologist

In a world where people lack communication skills, socialize using glowing rectangles and take their freedom for granted, one man is providing therapy – one small group at a time. His methods might seem like madness, but it never fails – no one escapes his “experiment” unless they work together as a team.

Your group is up next!

2 – 6 Players

Recommended for 4 players

Duration: 60 Minutes

2 Players – R210pp (R420 Total)

3 Players – R170pp (R510 Total)

4 Players – R160pp (R640 Total)

5 Players – R150pp (R750 Total)

6 Players – R140pp (R840 Total)

live escape room - new room coming soon

The Ancient Portal

Following in his great-grandfather’s footsteps, Dan Black finally found the legendary relic – an ancient portal to a parallel dimension. Buried underneath La Venta in Mexico, it had to be thousands of years old.

In order to run a few tests on it, he took it to his special room back home. Several days later, during an intense thunderstorm, the portal seemed to activate, but became unstable. In a flash, Dan disappeared without a trace.

YOUR OBJECTIVE Help Dan to get back before his time runs out, by stabilizing the portal. Fail, and you might realize why it was buried in the first place.

2 – 6 Players

Recommended for 4 players

Duration: 60 Minutes

2 Players – R210pp (R420 Total)

3 Players – R170pp (R510 Total)

4 Players – R160pp (R640 Total)

5 Players – R150pp (R750 Total)

6 Players – R140pp (R840 Total)

live escape room - new room coming soon

Escape Plan

Escape Plan

Word got out that 2 brothers spent months planning their escape for tonight, but unfortunately for them, they got transferred to another facility this morning. They even arranged for a plane and pilot to wait for them at a private airstrip nearby.

You and your crew paid a hefty bribe to be moved into the brothers’ cells, hoping they left behind clues to their escape plan. This could be your best and only chance of escaping – EVER!

2 – 6 Players

Recommended for 4 – 6 players

Ages strictly 14+

Some crawling required.

Duration: 70 Minutes

2 Players – R230pp (R460 Total)

3 Players – R190pp (R570 Total)

4 Players – R180pp (R720 Total)

5 Players – R170pp (R850 Total)

6 Players – R160pp (R960 Total)

Portable escape room game - Rogue

ROGUE (A spy based portable game)

A rogue agent sold a disc full of classified information to the Russians.  In 60 minutes, the exchange will take place at a designated point.  You and your team must intercept that meeting – as the Russians, and recover the disc before it’s too late!

4 – 7 Players per team

Up to 10 teams will be competing simultaneously in this fun and cleverly designed ‘escape room style’ game, making it perfect for large corporate functions.  Not only do you save lots of time in the process, but we come to you, eliminating further traveling time and expenses.

Minimum of 12 players, but can accommodate large groups of 60+

Duration: 60 – 90 Minutes

We can set this up at any suitable venue, but indoors is preferable.  Please contact us for a special quote.

Here’s how it works

You and your team mates, a group of up to 6, will be “trapped” in one of our mysterious rooms for 60 minutes. To complete your mission, you have to collaborate, communicate, think logically and even be a little creative. Solve a series of challenges, find hidden codes and keys, release trapdoors and open secret passage ways – all before the time runs out!

Perfect as a corporate team building exercise for small groups, date night, birthday parties or just some casual fun. This unique experience can be described as a real life video game. Or, like being one of the lead characters in an adventure film like The Da Vinci Code or National Treasure. Sounds like fun?

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From just R140pp for a team of 6. Click on Book Now to see more pricing info.

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